Process in Vinyl Siding Installation

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At present, vinyl siding is one of the most renowned house siding materials. Most of the house owners and architects like the appearance, cost efficiency, convenience and the possible energy savings. Aside from these reasons, most home owners like the modern appearance that it gives to the house and it reduces the need to paint the house. Homeowners even enjoy installing the vinyl siding with their friends and relatives.  With regards to vinyl siding installation, here are the procedures on how to do it.

  1. Make sure that the existing exterior is smooth and excellent for repair. This is to distinguish if there’s any repair needed to be done before installing the vinyl.
  2. Install further insulation below the vinyl siding. The insulation will give moisture barrier and improves the home insulation value while giving smooth façade for the vinyl siding.
  3. Setting up the furring strips can aid in holding the installation and it presents a hard nailing surface.
  4. In vinyl siding installation, it is very important to trim first all the pieces before covering the walls. The trim requires to be fitted every time this vinyl siding comes in contact with another wall, windows, doors and dryer vents.
  5. Start the installation through a starter strip. It is one piece of vinyl siding that runs around the house and grasps the base of the primary course of siding strongly towards the walls.
  6. Measure the top cover at every edge and break a chalk line connecting the markings. Place the starter strip together with the chalk line, by nailing in the nailing slots at its core having 10 inch intervals. Leave a gap measuring ¼ inches amid the end of the starter strip division to give a room for expansion.
  7. Mount the J-channel around doors and windows to receive the courses of vinyl siding. First, put the bottom piece, followed by the side and the top. Measure the edge with an angle of 45 degrees, letting the top part overlap the side to take away the moisture from the window. Put the inside angle posts and exterior posts effectively, next to the walls.
  8. Next, install the siding panels.
  9. Last part of the vinyl siding installation is the fastening of it.

These are the procedures needed in installing vinyl siding. The best thing about vinyl siding installation is that you can do it all by yourself. But, it requires physical strength, excellent analysis and calculation, and endurance to finish the work. If you think you do not have these things, better ask the help of an installer. This is to make sure the installation is right and successful.

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Process in Vinyl Siding Installation

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Process in Vinyl Siding Installation

This article was published on 2011/08/23